7 Self Motivating Techniques During Hard Times

November 10,  2018

It is seen very common in today’s world that people are struggling to find the motivation in their work and life. You may have observed that sometimes self-motivation is like a continuous cycle where we are motivated for a small period of time, then fall short of motivation and again look for building motivation.
Having the right mindset is the key to success. In many cases, you cannot control or choose your circumstances, but you can always have the right mindset towards your situation. Here the 7 useful ways by which you will feel self-motivated continuously.

1. Getting started with motivated people

During your work find the motivators and those people who will motivate you to achieve your target. The motivation you will get from those people will be the trigger and reminder to achieve your objectives. Inspired people are very special from the people who are negative ones. They will assist you to grow and notice opportunities throughout tough instances.

2. Have a learning mindset

By reading observing and understanding will help you become you more self-confident. You can educate your brain to respond to the difficult situation, the things start to change.

3. Look for positivity in every negativity

When you are facing the hurdles try to find out the main reason and what solutions will be suitable for such a problem. You should be in habit of a finding of what works best in different situations.

4. Stop overthinking

Instead of overthinking and procrastinating simply do the work in a small task. By dividing the work into small tasks and taking little breaks in between will help you overcome the stress of workload. Even if you start working on small tasks, you will start achieving to momentum for the entire work. If you only worry about your work you will eventually lose all your time.

5. Recognise your ability

You should always keep making notes on when you feel sad or sucked and also important at times when you feel like the top of the town. With the help of writing down the notes, you will know your work behaviour pattern and will find out what works best for you in different situations.

6. Maintain you a progress report

Always try to maintain your progress report or a tally bar to compare the current performance with the previous. By tracking your progress you get the extra motivation to achieve your targets.

7. Helping other people

It always nice to help other people and friends for becoming more motivated in life. It can be sheep factor of motivating others, which will further give motivation to you to achieve more. Helping or teaching (could be through social media or direct communication) other will definitely give you the knowledge and experience of tackling the problem in future. Once you develop the habit of helping other with automatically gives you motivation.

At least you only need to take one step further and simply repeat it again.
The most important thing is to get started and get into a momentum, rest all the thing will be easily done.

(Image source: Pixabay.com)

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